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Vision Systems

Cognex In-Sight® vision systems are unmatched in their ability to inspect, identify and guide parts. These self-contained, industrial grade vision systems combine a library of advanced vision tools with high-speed image acquisition and processing. Best of all, configuring and deploying an In-Sight vision system has never been easier.

Simple-to-follow EasyBuilder® configuration software helps users of all experience levels to quickly setup their entire In-Sight application—no programming or spreadsheet knowledge required.

The Cognex Connect™ suite of communications capabilities ensures that In-Sight vision systems easily integrate with any factory network or automation control system.

The VisionView® operator display panel provides a "plug-and-go" solution for monitoring the runtime operation of any In-Sight vision system on the network.

Available in a wide range of models to meet any price and performance requirement, In-Sight vision systems set the standard for automated inspection and product quality assurance across a wide range of industries.

In-Sight 8000 Series

In-Sight® 8000 series ultra-compact, standalone vision systems deliver industry-leading performance, all in the form factor of a typical GigE Vision camera. Measuring just 31 mm x 31 mm x 64 mm, this system is ideal for integrating into tight spaces on robots and hard-to-reach machinery. From high acquisition speed to high resolution 5MP images, the In-Sight 8000 delivers the resolution and speed needed for your application.

  • Compact footprint fits into tight spaces on robots and on hard-to-reach machinery.
  • Best-in-class vision tools solve a wide range of applications.
  • In-Sight Explorer™ software with EasyBuilder® simplifies set up and monitoring.
  • In-Sight spreadsheet provides greater control and flexibility.

In-Sight 5000 Series

In-Sight 5000 vision systems are a series of rugged IP67-rated standalone, industrial cameras that reliably inspect, identify and guide parts in an automated manufacturing environment. The series features more than 15 different models including high speed, high resolution, monochrome, color, barcode reading, OCR, and line scan. The In-Sight 5000 series uses In-Sight Explorer™ software with EasyBuilder® guides operators through a step-by-step setup process allowing both novice and experienced users to configure vision applications quickly and easily.

  • Industrial-grade design
  • Unmatched performance and reliability
  • Easy to deploy and maintain

In-Sight 7000 Series

The In-Sight® 7000 series vision system represents a breakthrough in flexibility, performance and ease of integration. This powerful vision system performs fast, accurate inspections while its compact footprint easily fits into space-constrained production lines. The unique, modular design is highly field-customizable to your application requirements.

  • Enhanced performance keeps pace with increasing line speeds
  • Flexible design is field customizable to your application
  • Advanced, integrated lighting minimizes the need for expensive external illumination
  • Full-featured system tackles a wide range of vision applications
  • Easily integrates into your system infrastructure

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